What is a Field Agent?

A Field Agent is an Independent Contractor who is paid to complete an evaluation, inspection of a business, or a service based on specific criteria, usually anonymously.

MSI Services has multiple categories of Field Agents:

1. Independent Field Agent – often referred to as "Mystery Shoppers" or "Secret Shoppers"; however, they may also participate in revealed projects as well. Field Agents often perform projects that fall into the following categories:

  • Mystery Shopping
  • Pricing Audits
  • Customer Intercepts/Exit Interviews
  • Call Programs
  • Merchandising/Marketing Audits
  • Digital Photo Programs
  • Age Compliance Programs
  • Suggestive Selling Programs

While participating in unrevealed projects (mystery shops), Field Agents pose as a regular customer while performing the evaluation. During revealed projects, the Field Agent may identify themselves before or after the evaluation, depending on the type of project. After the project is completed, Field Agents submit their collected data through an online evaluation form.

2. Certified OnSite Inspector – performs OnSite Inspections on behalf of Credit Bureaus, Consumer Reporting and Background Screeners, FHA Lenders, banks and lending institutions, and more.

Our OnSite Inspection types include:

  • Physical OnSite Inspections
  • Occupancy Verifications
  • FHA Lender Branch Inspections
  • Due Diligence Inspections
  • Repo Inspections
  • I-9 Inspections
  • Property Site Inspections: Property Condition Reports

These are professional projects that typically require scheduling an appointment and dressing business casual.

3. Certified Medicare Field Agent – performs projects related to CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and Medicare Insurance Sales to evaluate compliance to standards and overall customer service during One-on-One Appointments, Formal and Informal Events, as well as Call Center phone projects.

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