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Get Involved and Get Paid to Learn!

If you are 55 (years of age) or older, we need your help to monitor Medicare sales agents performance.


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Who is TrendSource?

  • TrendSource is a third party company that provides compliance auditing services to healthcare insurance providers who offer Medicare Advantage plans.
  • TrendSource programs monitor sales representatives for these insurance providers to ensure their activities comply with Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations.

What is A Medicare (CMS) Audit?

Last year Medicare Advantage Plan providers were sanctioned over $44 million in fines due to violations of marketing/sales practices.

As an MSI Services auditor for TrendSource, you will:

  • Meet with sales agents and/or attend marketing events
  • Learn more about Medicare Advantage Plans
  • Report your experience back to us

TrendSource provides this information back to the insurance companies handling Medicare Advantage Plans to ensure their representatives are presenting accurate information to senior citizens without using deceptive or high pressure selling tactics. This gives eligible individuals the opportunity to learn about Medicare Advantage Plans for their own healthcare decisions while safeguarding the integrity of the healthcare community.

Individuals are paid per evaluation, offering schedule flexibility and the opportunity to conduct several evaluations through the end of this year.

If you are interested, you can apply by selecting "Become an Auditor" on the right side, or if you would like additional information, you can Email us at:, or call (619)718-7467.