Physical OnSite Inspections

As an approved on-site inspection vendor for all three credit bureaus, TrendSource conducts cost-effective Physical OnSite Inspections throughout the United States and Canada. Our OnSite Inspections solutions provide our clients with:

Bureau-approved questionnaires, including all required photos

Inspections completed within three business days

The highest quality Inspectors who are professional and knowledgeable

Superior customer service

An easy to use ordering/tracking/reporting platform

As a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) since 2006, TrendSource is the premier choice for OnSite Inspections

Why do I need Physical Onsite Inspections?


TrendSource has a highly skilled database of Certified OnSite Inspectors who verify occupancy by physically visiting residential properties.

We currently conduct two types of Occupancy Inspections:

1. Scheduled Occupancy Inspection: Our Inspector will schedule a date/time to meet the owner at their property and verify their residency.
2. Door Knocker Occupancy Inspection: The Inspector arrives at the residence unannounced to verify if the owner resides at the address.


TrendSource conducts FHA Lender Branch Inspections to ensure branches are compliant* with HUD Guidelines.

TrendSource currently conducts two types of FHA Lender Branch Inspections:

1. In-Depth Branch Inspection
2. Standard Branch Inspection

Both inspections evaluate FHA compliance, commercial and non-commercial space, statutes, regulations, HUD issuances, employee procedures, etc.

*A mortgagee's office(s) including traditional, nontraditional branch and direct lending offices engaged in origination or servicing of FHA-insured loans, must be reviewed to determine that they are in compliance with the Department's requirements.

Why do I need FHA Lender Branch Inspections?


TrendSource assists debt collection networks to measure the due diligence of debt collection service providers. This Inspection ranges from auditing documentation to basic security. TrendSource coordinates an OnSite Inspection with one of our Certified OnSite Inspectors to conduct physical verifications as well as interviews with key employees.

Why do I need Due Diligence Inspections?


TrendSource conducts site visits at vehicle repossession lots to assess if the lot is secure and legitimate. TrendSource’s Certified OnSite Inspector schedules a meeting with the lot contact, and will evaluate the exterior security, internal office set-up, and storage parameters.

Why do I need Repo Inspections?

I-9 Inspections

TrendSource visits with prospective employees to verify employment documentation as well as complete the employee’s I-9 form. TrendSource will then send the I-9 directly back to our clients.

Why do I need I-9 Inspections?

Property Condition Reports

TrendSource provides exterior and interior Property Site Inspections for both residential and commercial properties that adhere to the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines. Our Property Condition Reports consist of a wide range of scopes from basic "drive-by" inspections to detailed property sketches with measurements and digital photos.

Why do I need Property Condition Reports?