2016 Mother’s Day Consumer Insights Study

This year’s Mother’s Day Consumer Insights Study revealed that nearly 80% of those shopping for Mother’s Day intend to spend $100 or less, around the same as they did in 2015.

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Consumer Intentions vs. Behaviors: Online Purchasing Higher than Expected

TrendSource collected data from 1,000 consumers by surveying them before and after the holiday season to determine the differences between intent and actual shopping behaviors. Results revealed that while consumers enter the holiday season with a spending plan based on previous shopping habits, their actual purchasing behaviors tell a different story.

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Technology on the Rise: The 2015 Pre-Holiday Consumer Buying Intentions Report

TrendSource conducted its 4th Annual Pre-Holiday Consumer Buying Intentions Study to uncover consumer targets for the upcoming gift-giving season.

TrendSource surveyed over 3,000 consumers to identify trends and insights for retailers as we approach the holiday gift-giving season.

Digital shopping behaviors have increased significantly over the

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Tech Spending on the Rise for Young Students: 2015 Back-To-School Insights

TrendSource Trusted Insight unveiled its 2015 back-to-school shopper insights this week.  The results of 2,873 completed surveys by online respondents yielded interesting tech spending trends among parents of young students.

Spending is on the rise, particularly for pre-schoolers. Of those purchasing technology products, 70% shopping for pre-school, 75% shopping for elementary school and 74% shopping for

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Sizzler Launches Integrated Market Research Program with TrendSource

TrendSource Inc. announced a strategic engagement with Sizzler to improve employee engagement and effectively increase customer loyalty through a unique integrated solution that will merge mystery shopping and guest satisfaction survey results into one insights platform.

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2014 Post-Holiday Study: A Wintry Mix of Consumer Insights

TrendSource’s 3rd annual 2014 Post-Holiday Consumer Insights Study, administered after the conclusion of the 2014 Holiday season, revealed year-over-year consumer shopping and gift-purchasing insights as well as buyer intentions vs. actual outcomes.

Among the key insights from the survey results is the increasing use of mobile technology by consumers compared to previous years. 30% of shoppers reported buying items via a mobile device, up from 22% in 2013, and 20% in 2012. Mobile technology

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Black Friday Shopping Made Easy with Target Interactive Mobile App

Recently, TrendSource conducted their third annual Pre-Holiday Consumer Buying Intentions Study and results revealed retailers Walmart, Target & Kohl’s as top shopping destinations this holiday season. The market research company sent researchers out during peak Black Friday hours to assess the customer experience at the three retailers

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An Enduring Company Celebrates 25 Years

Many industries have seen rapid change over the last 25 years and market research is one of those. Changes in technology, the advent of big data, and the amount of information available to consumers today have all contributed to the current state of market research

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Consumer Insights Study Reveals Holiday Buying Intentions

Retail mobile strategy has been a hot topic all year and has made a dent in holiday shopping intentions especially in price checking behavior.  Showrooming is no longer seen as a phenomenon.  It is a permanent component to product purchases.  The data shows this to

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New Mobile Solution Captures Real-Time Consumer Insights

Recognizing the need to harness the power of mobile as a conduit for gathering market research data, TrendSource designed a solution to gather real-time consumer insights quickly and efficiently via mobile device. TrendSource developed aAmplify — a new mobile market research solution that provides customer satisfaction

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