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Property Condition Reports: Site Inspections

high quality Property Condition Reports, Residential & Commercial Property Inspections, HUD Inspections, Occupancy Verification

Lending institutions and related industries have a laundry list of guidelines to follow in order to ensure proper lending practices. Where a Property Site Inspection is required, many of these guidelines advise companies to utilize third parties as part of an overall system of checks and balances. Many companies rely on TrendSource for their property inspection needs due to our streamlined inspection process and the quality of the reports we provide.

TrendSource property inspection services include:

  • Commercial Property Inspections
  • Residential Property Inspections
  • HUD Inspections
  • Occupancy Verification

Property Condition Reports: Site Inspections

TrendSource provides exterior and interior Property Site Inspections for residential and commercial properties that adhere to the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines. Our Property Condition Reports consist of a wide range of scopes from basic "drive-by" inspections to detailed property sketches with measurements and digital photos.

HUD Inspections

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) works to strengthen the housing market and has instituted regulations for mortgage companies, particularly for their satellite offices. These regulations require branch locations to display proper signage including adequate company identifiers, labor laws, mortgage-specific laws/acts, availability of marketing collateral and a myriad of other items. As corporate offices may not have the means to visit all of their satellite offices, TrendSource certified inspectors conduct inspections on selected offices, providing an unbiased assessment as to whether the office space complies with HUD standards.

Occupancy Verification

The incursion of economic downturn has resulted in a high number of property foreclosures, abandoned homes and problematic assets, requiring lenders to carefully monitor their properties to maintain regulatory compliance. TrendSource certified inspectors verify occupancy by physically visiting properties and validating residency legal document to ensure occupants are complying with lender requirements.

Coverage & Turnaround Times

TrendSource provides 100% coverage throughout the United States, Canada and the Dominican Republic.

We have a proven track record of exceptionally quick turnaround times, frequently receiving client feedback that TrendSource remains unrivaled in the industry. Excelling in this area requires exceptional field coverage and a dedicated team of professionals.

Once an inspection is ordered, our goal is to have the inspection assigned and the first call placed to your customer within 4 hours of the order being placed. The Field Agent assigned to that inspection is required to have a flexible schedule, so they can accommodate your customer’s schedule and complete the inspection as soon as possible. The progress of each inspection is tracked individually and supported by an experienced and dedicated account team who is incentivized through their performance to metrics.

Professional Inspectors

TrendSource has a proprietary database of highly skilled and certified Field Agents that have been executing inspections with us for the greater part of a decade. All of our Agents go through the following process prior to executing an assignment:

  • Annual Background Check (100% - Documented)
  • Standard field agent screening, training and certification
  • On-Site Inspection Professionalism Certification Training
  • Detailed program specific training determined by inspection/audit type

To ensure our Field Agents are meeting our standards, they are evaluated on data quality, knowledge, timeliness and professionalism for every assignment and given a rating. We develop this rating through our internal quality assurance process along with feedback from your customers in the form of post-inspection surveys.

Quality Review Process

While we do everything in our power to provide our inspectors with the necessary tools and training to perform optimally, we understand that mistakes are bound to happen, so each report is hand-reviewed by our in-house Quality Assurance Team to guarantee the highest precision. One way we ensure this is through two verifications that are simultaneously documented by the inspector – a written inspection and a visual (photographed) inspection. Part of the TrendSource Quality Review Process is to compare these inspections, confirming that they reflect and complement each other.

Integrated Reporting

TrendSource offers a variety of industry leading ordering, tracking and reporting solutions. We're committed to providing clients with a secure reporting portal that allows for easy ordering/tracking of inspection progress and management of inspection results. We also support many of our larger clients with integrated reporting solutions that push and pull data between systems.

Our integrated reporting solutions have proven to significantly reduce administrative processing and operational costs.

  • One client indicated that our integrated solutions cut their administrative processing expenses by over 30%.
  • Another client was able to reduce their head count by 3 full time employees.

In addition to the above benefits, our integrated solutions also further reduce overall turnaround times, as there is no lag time between orders being manually entered into the system.

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