• If you are accepted as an MSI Services, Inc. field agent, you will be required to digitally upload a government-issued Photo ID to confirm your identity. This is required for legal purposes and exceptions cannot be made. As you continue work with MSI Services, you may be required to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) if you approach $600 in non-reimbursable payments from our company. We require the EIN before reaching $600 for tax purposes and exceptions cannot be made. Our agent website is certified as a Network Solutions Secure Site. In addition, you can be assured that we keep all agent information confidential within our system.
  • MSI Services, Inc. contracts with Independent Contractors to provide written information about quality, cleanliness and service to corporations across the country. The people that compile this information are called agents and their work is assigned to them by MSI Services, Inc. Agents typically visit restaurants, retail stores and automotive service centers. They make a purchase just as a normal customer would, complete an evaluation form that details their experience, and submit the form online.
  • Filling out an application does not ensure that you will be accepted as an agent. If there is a need in your area, you will be contacted. You will not be contacted unless there is a need in your area so please do not contact our office.
  • Each day, MSI Services, Inc. receives hundreds of applications from people just like you who would like to be an agent. It is impossible to respond to each applicant personally. Due to the high interest in mystery shopping, MSI Services, Inc. is unable to accept phone calls from people wishing to be a Field Agent. If you would like to be considered for future mystery shopping projects, please follow the directions above to fill out our electronic application. Please note: MSI Services, Inc. does not accept faxed or mailed applications. All field agents must have Internet capabilities to be considered.