94% of TrendSource, Inc. employees agreed or strongly agreed with the statement "If I had it to do over again, I would work for TS".

2011 TrendSource Employee Survey Results”

Why TrendSource

TrendSource creates an environment where people can take initiative, pursuing the experiences they need to be able to grow. We look for opportunities, driven by business needs, to give non-leaders a chance to lead. Strong leadership is rewarded through economic incentives as well as non-monetary recognition, maintaining the philosophy that leading is risky and should come with appropriate rewards for high performance. The TrendSource work structure is designed to include individuals in broader activities and discussion to provide exposure to the full range of the company's functions and activities and acquaint them with the role models that may benefit them. We expect mistakes that are made in good faith, understanding that some of the most powerful learning comes from mistakes.

While we take our roles seriously, humor is welcomed and a casual dress code is permitted, maintaining the belief that a relaxed work setting with some laughs is a humble catalyst for fulfillment and elevated performance.

Whether you aim to work as a Field Agent (Independent Contractor) or as an employee of the TrendSource team, rest assured you couldn't ask for a better company to work with. The TrendSource work environment facilitates success and fulfillment through teamwork and a lively atmosphere while continually exceeding client expectations.

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"TrendSource has done a lot for me since I first started working there. They've been very flexible with my schedule, and I appreciate their confidence in my ability to get the job done. I feel that I am a truly valued employee.

TrendSource Employee

"My favorite aspect of working at TrendSource, Inc. is the people. I love the culture that makes this business thrive, and it makes coming to work every day less like ‘work’."

Human Resources