Field Agents

Field Agents

We do not outsource any of our solutions and do not utilize any 3rd parties to support our data collection processes. The database is completely “closed” and only includes Agents that have a proven track record of high-quality results and differentiated skill sets. Below is the Field Agent onboarding process.

On Boarding Process

Potential Field Agents

1. Potential Field Agents

• Fill out application on The Source Agents website

• Become part of our Applicant database

New Field Agents

2. New Field Agents

• Submission requirements include:
– Photo ID
– Field Agent Certification Test
– EIN and W-9
(for Agents who approach $600 in non-reimbursable payments)

Field Agent Program Screening

3. Field Agent Program Screening

• Skill sets

• Demographics

• Industry

• Program-type experience

• Performance rating

Field Agent Program Certification

4. Field Agent Program Certification

• Field Agents complete program-specific certification on all new programs that they accept.

Field Agent Orientation

  • Web-Based Platform

    All instructions are communicated through a proprietary, web-based platform and are delivered via written, audio or video methods based on program complexity.

  • Resource Guide

    Upon becoming a Field Agent, applicants are provided with a Resource Guide explaining expectations for working as an Independent Contractor. Field Agents are then required to pass a certification quiz to be approved for payment.

  • Materials

    Once assigned to a project, Field Agents are provided with their project description materials, such as videos, written materials, etc. (which are always approved by the client prior to program launch).

  • Certification Test

    Field Agents are then required to complete a certification test to confirm a thorough understanding of the instructions and must retake the program certification quiz each time a program change occurs. Based on the program’s objectives, these updates may occur weekly, monthly or seasonally.

  • Program Design

    Each time a change is needed, our instruction materials are updated by our Program Design personnel and communicated to clients via their dedicated TrendSource Account Manager for approval.

  • Quality Assurance Team

    Finally, on-going coaching processes performed by our Quality Assurance Team provide feedback over time to ensure continual understanding of program requirements.

  • EIN

    All Field Agents who approach $600 in non-reimbursable payments with our company are required to apply for and receive an Employee Identification Number (EIN) through the Internal Revenue Services for tax reporting purposes.

Field Agent Orientation

In-house program design

The Process

Resource Guide

1. Resource Guide

Resource Guide and Certification testing on “How to be a Field Agent.”


2. Project

Field Agent assigned to a project (chose based on screening factors).

Instruction Materials

3. Instruction Materials

Field Agent views all relevant instruction materials.

Passes Certification Test

4. Passes Certification Test

Field Agent passes certification test for specific project.

*Field Agents required to retake certification quiz each time a program change occurs.

Quality Assurance Team Providing Continual Feedback


Avoiding Scams

Unfortunately there are a lot of scammers pretending to be TrendSource or other mystery shopping companies. Be aware of these scams and make sure to always directly contact us if you have any questions or concerns. If something feels not quite right double check!

For more information on mystery shopping scams visit the MSPA's scam information page: