Virtual OnSite Inspections for Consumer Reporting

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Virtual Inspections for Consumer Reporting, Accepted by Major Credit Bureaus

In response to COVID-19 lockdown measures, TrendSource began to offer Virtual OnSite Inspections for Physical Onsites. This means faster, more efficient, and more streamlined Inspections.

TrendSource has capitalized on this opportunity, developing a proprietary platform for Virtual Inspections to make them as easy as possible for Inspectors, Contacts, and Clients.

TrendSource has official approval from two (and are waiting on final approval from the third) credit bureaus to make this a permanent product. Of course, if you are uncertain about whether a Virtual Inspection is right for you, please reach out to your authorized credit bureau representative.

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How Virtual Onsite Inspections Work

Once an Inspection is ordered, Virtual OnSite Inspections are scheduled the same way traditional Inspections are scheduled:

  • The client provides a point of contact, to whom the Inspector reaches out.
  • The contact is given a .PDF file with instructions and a list of all required photos needed for the final inspection report.
  • The contact takes and submits the geo-tagged photos to verify location.

On the day of the Inspection, things are a bit different than Physical OnSite Inspections:

  • The Inspector reaches out to the contact via a video chat platform of the contact’s choosing.
  • The Inspector then directs the contact to take the phone/tablet to various points around the Inspection site.
  • When the Inspection is complete, the Inspector reviews the geo-tagged photos submitted by the contact, confirms they are from the same location they just virtually inspected and match what they saw during the video chat.
  • The Inspector submits the report to TrendSource’s Quality Assurance Team, who ensure it is complete and accurate before making it available in the Client’s reporting website.

In many cases, Virtual Inspections are faster than traditional Inspections. They can be assigned within minutes of the order being placed, with inspectors oftentimes reaching out to the contact and scheduling inspections that same day.

This is possible when inspectors and contacts are not limited by geography!

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Virtual OnSite Inspections: What Else You Need to Know

With the same scheduling process and reporting options available, Virtual Inspections begin and end just like a typical Physical OnSite Inspection.

However, there are a couple of differences. First, customers must provide their own geo-tagged photos, which can then be verified by the virtual inspector and the TrendSource Quality Assurance Team. In addition, since all inspections are performed in English, customers must also provide a translator if the contact prefers a different language.

It's that simple. Customers provide the photos and the translator, TrendSource OnSite Inspections takes care of the rest.

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How TrendSource Does Virtual OnSite Inspections for Consumer Reporting

TrendSource relies on its vast network of certified Inspectors. They take care of the virtual legwork, and then turn it over to TrendSource OnSite Inspection's best-in-class Quality Assurance Team, who diligently verify the inspection results. There are a lot of moving parts, and it takes an industry expert like TrendSource OnSite Inspections to assemble them.

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