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TrendSource has the expertise to design custom market research solutions that will help restaurants delight customers, increase profitability, and ultimately drive traffic and sales.

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Health and Safety Food Service Market Research

Restaurants — ranging from fine dining to fast casual and QSR — are all rewriting their playbook as the industry adjusts to the new realities of COVID-19. For restaurants, ensuring individual franchises and employees adhere to regulations and best practices is essential, as is ensuring brand continuity and customer satisfaction. TrendSource offers market research solutions that provide restaurants actionable insights, giving them data-driven solutions to the challenges coronavirus has brought.

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Restaurant Industry Market Research Solutions

No two food purveyors are alike, but all of them — from fine dining to food carts and everything in-between — can benefit from market research that will streamline their operations, drive traffic, and increase profits. TrendSource's market research solutions will help restaurant operators:

Identify the Customer Journey

Understand customer expectations when it comes to product, price, and experience. And then exceed it.

Deliver a Consistent and Superior Experience

Measure employee in-store performance, set standards to improve them, and then validate results.

Uncover Competitive Insights

Identify and monitor your competitors.

Understand Store Execution and Merchandising Opportunities

Dispatch auditors to your locations to create a digital library to help you optimize and coordinate marketing efforts, identify zoning restrictions, and ensure in-store signage and displays meet your standards.

Validate Results

Get directly in touch with your customers to ensure your efforts are driving the desired results.

Our research solutions are custom-built to ensure that your company gets exactly what it needs. We will serve you up a combination of qualitative and quantitative methodologies to answer your most pressing questions, based entirely on your business's unique size, goals, and timeframe. These research solutions may include any of the following methodologies:

We support these methodologies with our vast market research experience, but it's not just us doing the heavy lifting. We also have the best Field Agent network in North America, guaranteeing 100% coverage and completion, wherever your company breaks bread. Throw in the fact that we have been working for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 restaurants for more than two decades, and we've got a recipe for restaurant success.

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