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Over the past thirty years, TrendSource has cultivated a proprietary nation-wide network of Inspectors and Field Agents, and they are ready to be your company’s frontline in compliance documentation and management.

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From Humble Beginnings

Founded in a Denver-area bar basement, TrendSource has grown from the nation's premier mystery shopping company into a full-service compliance management firm spanning government, employment, retail, and healthcare.

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Talent that Drives Results

In order to offer premium services, you need premium employees. We have assembled a team of industry experts, established business leaders, top advisors, and the next generation of up-and-coming talent.

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Trusted By The Best

With coverage extending from retail, grocery, and food, to healthcare, finance, transportation, and education, we are trusted by Fortune 500 companies in every industry we serve.

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On-the-Ground Agents You Can Trust

We attract only the best Field Agents into our proprietary database extending across North America. Agents are regularly reevaluated to ensure accuracy and professionalism. We trust them and you can too.

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