Occupancy Verification Inspections

Helping Lending Institutions by brokering third-party Occupancy Compliance Inspections

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Why Lending Institutions Need Occupancy Verification Inspections

Lending institutions need boots on the ground and eyes in the field to confirm a property’s occupancy. This is particularly true when underwriting a loan or foreclosing a property — lenders must find local, third-party Inspectors to perform Occupancy Verification Inspections on their behalf. TrendSource offers two types of Occupancy Verification Inspections: Door Knocker (Unscheduled) and Scheduled.

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Door Knocker Occupancy Verification Inspections

In Door Knocker Occupancy Verifications, the Inspector arrives unannounced at the residence to verify if the owner currently resides at the address. Unannounced Inspections are often preferred by lending institutions looking to confirm the borrower resides at the property listed in lending documents or if someone else is occupying the location. Financial Institutions rely on this type of Inspection after unsuccessfully attempting to contact the borrower directly.

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Scheduled Occupancy Inspections

An Inspector schedules an appointment to meet the owner at their property at an agreed upon time. Scheduled Inspections are more exhaustive than Door Knocker Occupancy Verifications, including assessments of the property’s condition, needed repairs, and confirming the occupancy. Scheduled Occupancy Inspections are more common in foreclosures, when a lending institution wants to both verify occupancy as well as assess the property’s condition in anticipation of forecasting value.

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How TrendSource does Occupancy Verification Inspections

TrendSource is a premier provider of Occupancy Verification Services. Drawing from its expansive network of certified Inspectors, TrendSource offers Occupancy Verifications across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Our Inspectors and dedicated QA Team ensure that lending institutions get the information they need, when they need it. TrendSource, with its nationwide coverage and industry experience, should occupy the top spot of every lending institution’s vendor list.

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