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TrendSource Our Story

Founded in 1989 by brothers Rodney and Kevin Moll in a Denver-area basement, TrendSource helped modernize the Mystery Shopping Industry, and grew into a full-service market research and strategic consulting firm.

Self-made entrepreneurs, Rodney and Kevin Moll's earliest market research work involved compliance audits for local bars and, within two years, they were on the road, inventing and perfecting mystery shopping as they went along, working for our first national client, KFC. Driving across the country in a van, hitting every KFC they could, and reporting back on product quality, they helped give birth to what we know today as the modern Mystery Shopping Industry. As other businesses started to notice their work, it was time to grow. Kevin left the company, and it set up shop in San Diego and rapidly expanded its capacity and staff, building a network of Field Agents across the country to accommodate its growing client base.

TrendSource also began to expand into market research services beyond mystery shopping, branching out in incremental, deliberate expansions.

First, it grew from a mystery shopping company to a data collection service, utilizing and sometimes inventing methodologies to get the type of data clients needed. But that's all we did — give them the raw data. So once we had gotten really good at it, we branched into corporate research. Now we were not only providing our clients with raw data, but also analyzing that data, distilling it into detailed reports that answered their pressing research questions.

There have been other expansions along the way. In 2005, TrendSource began offering OnSite Inspections, and has continued to grow its OnSite division into the industry leader and standard. Soon thereafter, TrendSource moved into HealthCare, offering CMS Compliance audits after sensing a gap in HealthCare Market Research product offerings.

And, most recently, in 2014, we began offering Strategic Consulting services, making TrendSource a truly full-service firm. We help companies formulate business questions, develop market research programs to answer them, collect and analyze the data, make recommendations based on that data, and then help to implement them.

We've had a long journey and picked up some of the best talent the industry has to offer along the way as we continue to grow and expand into new areas. We know how to grow your business, because we built our own from the ground up.

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