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From mystery shopping leader to compliance management pioneer, TrendSource has been on the cutting edge of in-field and online compliance for nearly twenty years.

TrendSource Our Story

Founded in 1989 by brothers Rodney and Kevin Moll in a Denver-area basement, TrendSource helped modernize the Mystery Shopping Industry, and since grown into a premier compliance management firm that spans employment, consumer reports, government, retail, and healthcare compliance.

Self-made entrepreneurs, Rodney and Kevin Moll's earliest work involved compliance audits for local bars and, within two years, they were on the road, inventing and perfecting in-field audits and mystery shops as they went along, working for our first national client, KFC. Driving across the country in a van, hitting every KFC they could, and reporting back on product quality, they helped give birth to what we know today as the modern Mystery Shopping Industry. As other businesses started to notice their work, it was time to grow. Kevin left the company, and it set up shop in San Diego and rapidly expanded its capacity and staff, building a network of Field Agents across the country to accommodate its growing client base.

By 2008, TrendSource branched into compliance management and OnSite Inspections when it acquired Examine Your Practice (EYP). Then, in 2010, TrendSource acquired Vision Compliance, a Nebraska-based compliance management firm, which also brought our CEO, Victoria Hyzer, on board. Hyzer, who had been managing Vision Compliance—a DBA of American Title—for several years, brought her deep compliance management experience to TrendSource, which she quickly developed into an industry leader and pioneer.

As it gravitated more and more towards compliance management, TrendSource branched into HealthCare in 2013, offering CMS Compliance audits. TrendSource continues to work with leading Medicare Supplement providers to document their efforts to comply with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Today, we offer compliance management across multiple industries, and continue to develop cutting-edge technologies and products. For example, we were the first firm to offer remote I-9 Verification Services nationwide, leveraging our Field Agent database to meet New Hires in the field and complete Section 2. This essentially allows companies to outsource portions of their Human Resources workloads, and with the addition of E-verify, Virtual I-9 Verifications save companies time, resources, and worry.

Then, in the grips of the first wave of the COVID pandemic, we quickly rolled out Virtual OnSite Inspections to ensure our clients could provisionally document their compliance with consumer reporting regulations during lockdown.

We continue to evolve and expand our offerings, but one thing never changes: our commitment to truth, accountability, and professionalism. When you work with TrendSource, you are working with an industry trailblazer that continues to set the standard for compliance management, and you are working with one of the deepest and most expansive networks of Field Agents and Inspectors. Even as we get bigger, our commitments remain the same.

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