Retail Industry Market Research Solutions

TrendSource leverages its 25+ years' industry experience to help retailers retain and grow market share, gain insight into customer perceptions, and identify areas of opportunity to drive traffic, streamline operations, and increase profits.

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Health and Safety Retail Market Research

As retailers adjust to the new normal brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, market research is essential to ensuring individual stores and employees remain compliant with prevailing regulations and recommendations, as well as monitoring their in-store and online customer experience. TrendSource offers custom-built market research programs to deliver actionable insights to retailers regarding health, safety, and customer perception.

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Neatly Packaged Retail Insights

Right now, in-store experiences are the name of the game. How can retailers bring customers, increasingly migrating their purchases online, into stores with unique experiences, while also building out their omnichannel capabilities? TrendSource has the experience and expertise to help retailers increase their bottom lines through an array of different solutions and services, all geared towards managing the customer experience while streamlining operations. We already help some of the nation's biggest retailers, including Fortune 100 and 500 retailers (no, of course we can't say who!) and will custom-build a market research solution to help your business:

Understand Who Customers Are and What They Want

How do they perceive your brand, their in-store experience, and that of your competitors? What do they want that your company is not giving them?

Forecast Positive or Negative Word of Mouth

Keep your finger on the pulse of your Net Promoter Score.

Retain and Gain Market Share

Determine if your company is on the right path to delivering an exemplary customer experience, and, if you are not, provide an opportunity for immediate and extraordinary service recovery.

Manage and Optimize Stock and Marketing

Don't miss sales opportunities because shelves are not stocked and/or marketing campaigns are not appropriately deployed.

We build our research solutions to specifically fit each retailer's need, so if stock and inventory aren't a necessary piece of your market research puzzle, we would never hoist it onto your company's tab. We will never tack on a service just because we can, or steer you away from a solution because it is just too tough for us to execute.

To build our custom retail industry market research solutions, we utilize any combination of the following methodologies in-store and online:

We support each of these methodologies with our best-in-class Field Agent network, which guarantees 100% coverage and completion across the United States and Canada. That means we're pretty much the best when it comes to data collection, and the QA team is there if we miss anything. Our Insights and Analytics teams will pour through your data to highlight the most important trends, insights, and recommendations. TrendSource goes all in for the retail industry!

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Ace Market Research Client
Costco Market Research Client
Midas Market Research Client
Petco Market Research Client
"Everyone that I have worked with at TrendSource has been responsive and knowledgeable. Our account manager is a valuable asset. He has managed to turn around programs that we were not sure had a chance of getting done in our limited time frames."

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