Ensuring Compliance in Regulated Services

Whatever regulated service your business operates, it must remain compliant with the rules that govern it, or face costly penalties...or worse. TrendSource is a leading broker of OnSite Inspections and compliance audits, offering connections to a variety of services to ensure regulatory compliance.

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Many Industries, Many Solutions

Our OnSite Inspections Team brokers industry-leading inspections and audits, which are particularly useful for the following regulated industries:

  • Asset Management
  • Consumer Reporting
  • Finance
  • Many More

Any of TrendSource's OnSite Inspections cater specifically to these services and include:

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A Few of Our Clients

Cherry Creek OnSite Inspection Client
Boxwood OSI Client
True Valuation USA
IntelliCorp Client
"Over the past three years, TrendSource has executed commercial property inspections for us throughout the U.S. and has continuously provided consistent and reliable results. TrendSource's IT and Client Services teams have proven to be consistently responsive to our needs as well as our own clients' requirements."
Randy Fuchs, Principal – Boxwood Means Inc.

"TrendSource has been a most valuable asset to TrueValuation USA's continued growth in the field of both commercial and residential real estate evaluations. The staff is highly professional and always willing to go above and beyond in even the most difficult inspection scenarios. I recommend their services on a regular basis to counterparts and clients in the banking industry. We can't praise them enough for their continued contribution to our success!"
Matthew S. Turner, Managing Partner – TrueValuation USA
"We give TrendSource the highest marks as our experience with them has been excellent! Everyone on the team is knowledgeable and very considerate. The team has a sense of urgency in getting back to you with answers to your questions.The system is easy to navigate and if you have any questions the team is always happy to help. The site inspectors are knowledgeable and professional to our branches and the results are provided in record time. Thank you to the team for your excellent service!"
Cherry Creek Mortgage Co.

"We love TrendSource because they have proven to be: quick in their turnarounds, thorough and timely on their visits, professional in how they treat our clients, and honest in how they conduct their business."

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