TrendSource is a leading provider of third-party occupancy compliance inspections to evaluate occupancy care and even to confirm the identity of the occupant.

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Is Occupancy Keeping You Occupied?

With the recent economic downturn, co-operatives and lending institutions are increasingly concerned about who is moving into their properties. Lenders also want to verify if the owner is indeed occupying the primary residence or renting it out. Many have turned to TrendSource OnSite Inspections for Occupancy Verification Inspections.

We offer two forms of Occupancy Verification Inspections:

Scheduled Occupancy Inspection:

The Inspector schedules a date and time to meet the owner at their property.

Door Knocker Occupancy Inspection:

The Inspector arrives at the residence unannounced to verify if the owner resides at the address.

Occupancy Verification Inspections, the TrendSource Way

TrendSource is a pioneer of occupancy verifications and has built a database of over 300,000 independent contractors across the United States, Canada, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico.

Let's face it, this can be an uncomfortable process - arriving at someone's home, sometimes unannounced, for a quick inspection. That's why your business must ensure that only the most professional, experienced, and accountable agents are performing their Occupancy Verification Inspections.

Our Inspector database, with over 300,000 certified agents, gives that assurance. They conduct themselves professionally, quickly, and discreetly during inspections, and they quickly report their data to our Quality Assurance Team, who takes it from there.

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