Manufacturing Industry Solutions

TrendSource is here to help manufacturers ensure their retail partners meet their contractual agreements by displaying, marketing, and selling your products appropriately, as well as help you to understand your customer journey.

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Manufacturing Market Research Insights

Whatever your company makes, it is rarely in control of how it is sold by retail partners. TrendSource understands that mutual trust governs these relationships, but market research is what keeps them thriving. Manufacturers not only must monitor how their goods are sold in-field, but also develop an understanding of their customer journey, and in many cases build out their own direct-to-customer infrastructure.

In order to accomplish these goals, manufacturers should consider the following methodologies:

  • Retail Audits to ensure retailers meet their contractual obligations with manufacturers
  • ShopAlongs and Panel Surveys to understand their customer journey
  • Mystery Shopping to understand how a typical customer experiences their retail partners' operations
  • Many More

Combining multiple methodologies gives companies unique windows into how their customers experience, engage, and educate themselves about their products, and where in the customer journey they can intercede to increase market share.

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Manufacturing Industry Market Research Solutions, the TrendSource Way

The TrendSource difference starts with our Field Agents. With hundreds of thousands of agents spread over the United States and Canada, we guarantee 100% completion, 100% of the time. That means that wherever your company's retail partners have set up shop, and wherever you have customers, we have the coverage you need to execute your market research programs. Our independent QA and Analytics teams are on hand to turn this data into only the most reliable Insights.

A Few of Our Clients

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"TrendSource has been my organization's chosen vendor for all instore auditing and reporting for the past 10 plus years. Reporting is accurate, relevant, and timely. TS project managers are responsive, efficient, effective and professional. They continuously recommend new ideas to improve processes and reporting; their knowledge of HP programs allows me to trust their insight and recommendations for new projects. Recommending TS services to other teams and organizations within HP has never been an issue or concern."

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