Market Research Solutions for Marketing and Advertising Agencies

Use market research to understand your clients' customers and their buyers' journeys before you build marketing campaigns around them. Validate your advertising decisions and measure their effects.

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Produce and Validate Winning Campaigns for your Clients

Whether your agency's clients make a product or sell it, they need you to produce campaigns that will help them do it. Leverage TrendSource's 25+ years of market research experience and let us arm you with the information you need to develop and validate successful campaigns, make your clients happy, and to make you look great in the process.

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Execute Exquisite Advertising Campaigns by Understanding Your Clients’ Customers

TrendSource will help you design a custom market research program to uncover insights from your clients' existing and potential customer base. Understand their customer journey and how your campaigns can funnel them along the way. A market research program dedicated to uncovering these types of Insights might include any of the following methodologies:

Our Insights and Analytics teams will sort through the reams of data these programs produce that will point you and your campaigns towards the right message. Gain insights about Campaign:

  • Tone
  • Content
  • Medium
  • Frequency
  • Messaging
  • Much more
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Monitor Campaigns in the Field

What a shame it would be if your agency put in all the legwork to produce a truly wonderful advertising campaign, and the client did not implement it entirely in their locations. Ensure your marketing & advertising strategies are being correctly executed in the field, that your materials are properly displayed, and that your brand vision is being translated into the correct customer experience.

Use Marketing Audits to avoid being on the hook when your marketing vision is not properly carried out. Our Field Agents will audit your clients' locations, either in-store or online, and document the extent to which they have made your vision into a reality. We will build you a digital library of your clients' locations that you can easily sort, and push back against a client who doubts the campaign's ROI without entirely executing the campaign.

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Take Credit When Credit is Due: Validate Your Agency’s Marketing Results

They say the proof is in the pudding, and that's true... if the pudding is full of data. Ensure your agency is credited for its marketing wins by using market research to validate your results. Utilize VoC methodologies to hear directly from your clients' customers about why they made certain purchases, and the extent to which your marketing campaign resonated.

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Marketing and Advertising Agencies, The TrendSource Way

Everybody has their thing — your company's is marketing and advertising. Ours is Market Research. We've been doing this for over twenty-five years, and we know a thing or two about survey design, about in-field execution, and about the latest technologies changing the field.

At the end of the day, your company needs to impress its clients. With an unrivaled Field Agent database full of trained professionals, we guarantee 100% completion and coverage, meaning we're already where your company needs us to be. Our programs are custom-built so your company doesn't get anything it doesn't need, and we are dedicated to accountability and accuracy — your company will never be on the hook for our mistakes.

Your company can handle the marketing; we'll handle the market research.

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