It’s Not What You Think That Matters, It’s What Your Customers Think

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Capturing the Most Important Metric Of All

Measuring customer satisfaction is just about the single most important thing you can do. Because even if everything else in your business is humming along perfectly fine, a discontented customer base can bring it all crashing down. Ask your customers anything. See what they say.

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Customer Intercepts

Your Customers Talk About You Already; Will You Listen?

Sometimes you need to know what your customers think about their in-store experience as soon after they have had that experience as possible. While IVR and online surveys are great for the right occasion, sometimes they do not provide the immediacy you need. Customer intercepts position tablet-equipped field agents at predetermined locations in or outside stores to administer intercept surveys to connect to customers in real time.

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Shopalongs and Dinealongs

Understand the Why Behind the Buy

Why do consumers make the browsing and purchasing decisions they do, and how can you influence them? With Shopalongs and Dinealongs, moderators follow real consumers as they browse your in-store and/or online selections, uncovering their perceptions and preferences when it comes to your market. Find out how customers view your products or services in your segment and then leverage these insights.

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