Customer Satisfaction Surveys:
Reach out to Your Most Devoted Customers

Tap into your customers' perceptions and pain points by surveying them via online survey. Prepare for product launches, understand their perception of you and your competition, and find out how they want to be engaged.

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Are You Giving them Any Satisfaction?

Offer customers the chance to provide their feedback on your products and services through customer satisfaction surveys. Customers find invitations to complete surveys at the bottom of their receipts, which they then complete online. Topics can range from the general (how was your visit?) to the specific (were you offered membership in a loyalty program?) and everything in-between. Deploy these surveys to understand the current state of operations, to find ways to make improvements, and to predict future outcomes.

Examples of situations where customer surveys are appropriate include:

  • When considering broad changes to the customer experience, uncover how current customers would respond to those changes
  • When looking to improve a product, tap directly into your existing customer base for their perspectives

These straightforward online and offline surveys are adaptable to answer whatever research question you have, across all industries.

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Satisfaction Surveys, the TrendSource Way

Straightforward? Yes. Simple? No. TrendSource brings nearly thirty years of survey design experience to ensure that you are following best practices, constructing a user-friendly survey that efficiently gets at the information you need without burdening the respondents or muddying the waters. 

Let's say that your company wanted to survey its most devoted customers to better understand how it turns everyday customers into evangelists. Your instinct would be to offer customers a survey link at the bottom of their receipt, and incentivize it with an opportunity to win a gift card, fuel points, or some other drawn prize. This is where it pays to have an expert in the room to tell your company to not incentivize those surveys: if your goal is to reach out to your most ardent fans, those customers will self-select themselves into your survey without an incentive. This saves you money and gives you a clean sample unmotivated by remuneration. That's the kind of knowledge TrendSource brings to the room.

You have questions for your customers, and questions about how to ask those questions. And we have answers.

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