Government and Education Market Research Solutions

Just like other businesses, governments must run market research programs to ensure they meet their customers' needs. Across multiple sectors and types, TrendSource will help government agencies meet their business and service goals.

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Governments Have Customers Too, They're Called Citizens

There are innumerable local, city, and state government branches all dedicated to serving specific groups and needs. While no two government agencies are alike, TrendSource is committed to helping your agency solve its most complex business problems. For example, these three solutions all speak directly to governmental market research needs.

  • Intercepts to determine how customers regard the service provided, and what improvements they would like to see
  • Mystery shops to ensure operational efficiency
  • Audits to ensure compliance with and within government agencies

Check out our recent white paper about one state government's journey to expand their state lottery operation by soliciting customer feedback through an intercept program.

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Market Research Programs, the TrendSource Way

TrendSource knows governments' market research needs are unique and will custom build any market research solution to fit that need. Our programs are supported by our 25+ years' experience in survey development, mystery shopping, and all things Market Research. Our Field Agent database is unparalleled, guaranteeing 100% coverage and completion, as well as professionalism, accuracy, and accountability.

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