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Customer Service Monitoring

How Do Your Associates Treat Your Everyday Customers?

Wouldn't you love to move through your stores as though you were an everyday customer? Something like an Undercover Boss sort of scenario. Of course, you can't — your employees would recognize you and give you the royal treatment. That's where secret shoppers come in. They will record their experiences in your locations so you can see how customer service standards are executed when you are not around.

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Competitor Monitoring

Your Competitors Are Monitoring You. Shouldn't You Be Monitoring Your Competitors?

Can your customers find greater convenience, quality, or service speed from your competitors? Find out by dispatching secret shoppers to your competitors' locations, and then read their rundown of the typical in-store or online experience. How does it measure up to your own? Find out.

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Rewards and Recognition

Recognize Your Very Best Employees

There are certain behaviors you need to ensure your associates perform. Perhaps you want to know your employees are suggestively selling items correctly, or that they are informing customers of an IVR survey opportunity located at the bottom of the receipt, or the benefits of enrolling in a loyalty program. Secret shoppers will move through your location like a typical customer and then offer a predetermined reward to recognize employees executing desired behaviors, or to provide prewritten suggestion cards for those who do not.

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Our Mystery Shoppers

Like a Fly on Your Wall

With mystery shops, you don't want your employees to know the identity of the shopper, but you want to nonetheless be confident that the secret shopper is professional, unbiased, and articulate. That's where our Field Agent database really makes a difference. Our agents are vetted, rated, and coached to ensure accuracy and accountability in data collection and reporting. Also, we custom-design our programs to bring insight to your most pressing questions, meaning you won't get a standard, pre-canned program with unhelpful mystery shoppers.

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