Competitor Monitoring: Your Competitors Are Monitoring You. Shouldn’t You Be Monitoring Your Competitors?

Get eyes and ears in your competitor's locations with a Competitor Monitoring Mystery Shopping program. Uncover where and how your competitors meet and exceed customers' expectations, where they fall short, and uncover where your biggest opportunities and their vulnerabilities lie. 

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Boots on Your Competitors’ Ground

No matter your industry, your company is probably not the only player. You have competitors vying for the same market and wallet share you are, and chances are, your competitors are already monitoring your business. Shouldn't you be doing the same?

Leverage our Field Agent network to discreetly shop your competitors in order to find out how they go about shaping the customer experience and uncover your key differentiators.

  • What unique in-store experiences do your competitors offer that your company does not?
  • What wait times can your customers expect at your competitors' locations?
  • What level of service do they offer at each customer touch point?
  • Which of their service gaps can you exploit?
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A Qualitative Arrow in Your Quiver

While useful in their own right, competitor analysis mystery shops are best deployed in a broader market research package. For example:

  • Paired with a Competitive Pricing Audit, a competitor monitoring mystery shopping program will give you the qualitative complement you need for quantitative pricing data
  • Folded into your own Mystery Shopping program, it will keep you apprised of how your own stores' performance compares to your competitors
  • Linked to a Competitor Market Research program, it will identify your biggest competitors and help you understand your potential differentiators before entering a new market
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Online Competitor Monitoring

Online and omnichannel businesses wishing to monitor their competitors obviously need to get beyond brick-and-mortar mystery shopping. TrendSource offers digital and hybrid competitor monitoring programs for these business types.

Our mystery shoppers are just as at home in your store as they are on their mobile device or desktop computer. They will mystery shop your competitors' online storefronts with the same attention to detail and professionalism as they bring to brick and mortar locations. How does your online environment compare to your competitors, what tricks can you copy, and what mistakes can you avoid?

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How TrendSource does Competitor Monitoring

TrendSource's proprietary Field Agent database guarantees 100% coverage across North America, so wherever your competitors set up shop, we can be there waiting. We've custom-built competitor monitoring programs for Fortune 100 clients for over two decades, meaning that we're not just there at the end to help you execute the program, we're there from the beginning, helping you envision, design, construct, and fine-tune it.

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