CMS Call Audits

Helping Medicare Supplement Providers manage their sales force compliance with Center for Medicare/Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations. CMS Call Audits both monitor and document a company’s compliance efforts

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Avoid Costly Penalties by Monitoring Call Center Compliance with CMS Regulations

CMS Call Audits give Medicare Supplement Providers the opportunity for small-scale corrective actions in isolated instances of non-compliance. Call Center Audits alert companies to potential violations before CMS conducts their own evaluations. They further provide a documentable record of a company’s compliance efforts in the event CMS does catch them out of compliance.

Violating CMS regulations is simply too costly for companies to risk. Ensuring frontline call center compliance with CMS Call Audits helps companies guard against this danger.

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CMS Translator Calls

In order to reach the many demographic groups represented in their customer base, Medicare Supplement Providers must field calls in multiple languages spoken across the country. TrendSource’s expansive Field Agent database is full of Agents who can effectively translate different languages to English, and thus can conduct CMS Translator Call Center Audits with ease. TrendSource currently offers translator calls in the following languages:

  • Cantonese
  • French
  • Mandarin
  • Spanish
  • Tagalog
  • Vietnamese

TrendSource additionally offers TTY Call Center Audits and is always looking to expand the languages in which it offers CMS Call Center Audits. If your business has a particular need, please reach out to a CMS Compliance Specialist.

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How TrendSource does CMS Call Center Audits

TrendSource has been helping Medicare Supplement Providers manage their CMS Compliance for more than a decade, both in the Annual Election Period (AEP) and year-round. This means that TrendSource has an established infrastructure and the industry knowledge necessary to conduct CMS Call Center Audits quickly and comprehensively.

The depth of our national Field Agent database means that sales reps will never interact with the same Field Agent more than once. This is the case regardless of the language in which the call is conducted and ensures that sales force representatives are being clandestinely audited.

Finally, TrendSource’s Quality Assurance team pours over each report before submission, ensuring it is both complete and accurate.

That’s how TrendSource does CMS Call Center Compliance Audits.

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