Transportation Industry Market Research Solutions

TrendSource helps transportation providers improve the customer experience, streamline operations by uncovering efficiencies, and remain compliant with government regulations regarding fair access.

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Health and Safety Transportation Market Research

The COVID-19 pandemic brings new challenges to the transportation industry regarding health and safety, and operators must ensure their vehicles and employees remain compliant. TrendSource provides health and safety compliance audits, providing operators with actionable insights to take small-scale corrective action when necessary, helping them to ensure their vehicles, employees, and customers remain safe.

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A One-Way Ticket to Achieving Business Goals

From public transit operators to private services and parking lot providers, TrendSource knows how to help the transportation industry meet and exceed its business goals. Utilizing the latest technologies as well as the tried-and-true market research standards, TrendSource has the experience and expertise to custom build a market research solution to:

Streamline operations by monitoring

  • Drivers' on-time performance
  • Space availability in parking lots
  • Availability of para-transport services
  • Route efficiencies

Remain compliant by auditing

  • Accessibility to vehicles and lots
  • Non-English services
  • Drivers' compliance with road and highway regulations, and overall safety

Monitor and Improve the Customer Experience by ensuring

  • Drivers are courteous to passengers
  • Lots and vehicles are clean
  • Rides are direct and convenient
  • Entrances and exits to lots are convenient
  • Support staff, whether via telephone or online, are knowledgeable and courteous

These programs combine a host of methodologies to most directly answer your company's business questions. In order to build the right transportation industry market research solution, we will combine any of the following qualitative and quantitative methodologies:

We support these programs with our vast Field Agent database, which guarantees 100% coverage and completion 100% of the time. Additionally, the depth of that database ensures quality rotation so that your workers don't see the same secret shopper every time.

We can't deliver your company's passengers to their destination, but we can deliver the insights you will need to do it better.

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