Health and Safety Market Research

Ensuring Frontline Compliance and Customer Satisfaction in the era of COVID and beyond

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Health and Safety Market Research

Adapting Market Research to the Coronavirus Era

The coronavirus pandemic has brought fundamental changes to the business landscape, and market research methodologies must evolve and adapt to meet the new challenges these shifts pose. TrendSource offers comprehensive online and in-store market research to help businesses not just adjust to the new normal, but to thrive in it, with custom-built programs addressing:

  • Health and safety compliance
  • Customer health and safety perception and satisfaction
  • Evolving consumer trends
  • Pandemic response efficiency
  • Competitor COVID-19 response analysis
  • Much More
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Conducting In-Store Market Research During a Pandemic, the Right Way

TrendSource’s Field Agents Follow All Regulations and Adhere to Best Personal Protection Practices

TrendSource practices what it preaches: as a partner in safety compliance, TrendSource takes its responsibility to its clients, employees, and Field Agents very seriously. Above all, TrendSource works to ensure market research programs remain not just compliant with local restrictions, but are as safe as possible by following CDC best practices including face coverings and hand sanitizer. This is why TrendSource:

  • Ensures Field Agents follow all emerging CDC and WHO best practices during in-store data collection
    • This includes wearing PPE, practicing social distancing, and regularly sanitizing their hands
  • Constantly monitors local, county, state, and federal regulations, updating our programs and our data collection methods when appropriate
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Health and Safety Compliance

Ensure Frontline Compliance with Health and Safety Audits

Businesses must ensure their frontline employees and locations are compliant with best-practices, local ordinances, and company policies to quell the spread of coronavirus. This is especially true when it comes to health and safety, to improve customer perception of worker safety, to avoid hefty fines, and most importantly, to halt the spread of coronavirus. TrendSource offers two market research solutions to this problem, both of which can offer real-time data and documentation available online:

  • Self-Reporting Photo Audits: Store operators and employees document their good faith efforts and self-report their compliance, which TrendSource certifies, analyzes, and packages into digestible reporting web-sites allowing companies to monitor individual locations and regions based on local restrictions
  • In-store audits: TrendSource will send Field Agents into locations to document safety measures such as distance markers, face coverings and sanitizer availability, and employee compliance

These audits can be implemented in a variety of industries including:

  • Retail
  • Restaurant
  • Grocery
  • Convenience Store
  • Manufacturing/CPG
  • Transportation
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Health and Safety Panel Surveys

Conduct Product, Marketing, and Brand Research with an Online Panel of Consumers

Panel Surveys can provide your business information about consumers both inside and outside your current customer base. Custom-built panel surveys allow businesses to assemble and sort their ideal panels based on an array of demographic data points, giving a window into specific groups' experiences and perceptions.

As markets have been reshaped by the pandemic, panel surveys can give businesses a base built on quality data and analysis that will provide actionable insights in a truly volatile time. Questions Panel Surveys can help to answer include:

  • How will new marketing campaigns resonate with specific demographic groups?
  • What new paths to purchase are developing and how can your business fortify them?
  • How has coronavirus shifted consumers priorities, preferences, and pain points?
  • How likely is a new product to find a hospitable market at launch?
  • Many, many more
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Online and In-Store Mystery Shopping

Understand Your Customers’ Experience Through In-Store and Online Mystery Shops

TrendSource has been running mystery shops for a long time — we practically invented the industry — and TrendSource has remained on the cutting edge. Whether it’s in-store, online, or both (omnichannel), TrendSource has the experience, technical savvy, and Field Agent network to custom build a mystery shopping program to help businesses measure customer experience. Our Field Agents are committed to social distancing safety best practices, meaning your business can confidently dispatch them to locations without concern.

The pandemic has disrupted businesses and reshaped customer expectations and experiences. Get real-time data and actionable insights from your customers through mystery shops.

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Brand Health: Social Listening, Sentiment Analysis, and NPS

Keep Your Brand Healthy During the Pandemic

Consumers have always had perceptions about brands, but over the last decade or so, people have found new means to transmit these perceptions, sharing opinions and experiences about your brand through social media and other digital forums. COVID-19 has only accelerated this. A digital brand health suite can help your business:

  • Get clear insights into the nature, tone, and particulars of social media conversations regarding your brand through Social Listening
  • Find out if and why your current customers are recommending your brand to their friends, family, and contacts by letting TrendSource monitor your Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Help strengthen your brand perception through exhaustive reports regarding consumers' feelings about your brand, their means of expressing it, and the ways to help change it through Sentiment Analysis
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Health and Safety Competitor Analysis

Understand the Shifting Competitive Landscape, Learn From Your Competitors’ Successes and Shortcomings

In these challenging times, every business is trying to learn on-the-go as it works to overcome new obstacles brought on by coronavirus. Competitor analysis, now more than ever, remains an invaluable resource, allowing businesses to explore and even implement their competitors’ best health and safety practices, as well as avoid their competitors’ shortcomings and outright mistakes. They further allow businesses ensure their customer experience remains competitive as consumers’ standards, expectations, and concerns rapidly evolve in COVID-19’s wake.

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