Social Listening:
People are Posting About Your Business, You Should Listen

There are billions of social media posts every day and some of them are about your business — understand what the most influential people are saying on the most highly trafficked channels, as well as the broader social media consensus to stay on the trolls' good side. They're already talking about your business; don't you want to know what they're saying?

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Social Media's Not Just For the Kids Anymore: It’s Time to Listen

Every day, businesses are made and broken by social media word of mouth. From small upstarts that skyrocket to fame with a carefully coordinated social media blitz to the established chains that make one wrong move online and inspire the internet's wrath, it's a dangerous world out there. That's why we listen, not just to comments on your branded sites, but on people's personal, peer-to-peer pages. The days of social media just being for the kids are over — every demographic grouping of every age group is sharing their perspective on social media.

Let TrendSource help you develop an online social listening strategy to understand:

  • How different generational, ethnic, and regional segments view and discuss your brand
  • What products and services are hitting the mark, which are falling short, and what you can do to emphasize the good and address the bad
  • Which parts of your social media strategy are working, which are not, and the best way to fill in the gaps
  • Which particular social media channels are friendliest to your brand and business
  • How social media conversations about your business change over time and how can you begin to shape them
  • Much, much more
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How TrendSource Does Online Social Listening

TrendSource utilizes machine learning and data science to sort out the social media signal from all the surrounding noise. Listen into the social media conversations about your brands that matter, and understand their significance with our with deep analytics, responsive reporting websites, and easily digestible dashboards to get instantaneous insights. The social media conversation can change so quickly; TrendSource Online Social Listening keeps you ahead of the game.

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