Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Industry Solutions

TrendSource helps CPG Manufacturers increase profits by monitoring compliance among retail and supply chain partners, offering insights into what types of products will resonate with customers, and ensuring a new product launch will reach customers with the highest intent to purchase.

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Neatly Packaged CPG Insights

Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturers understand their battle is fought on two fronts: product and distribution. TrendSource offers Trusted Insights into both, helping manufacturers develop products their customers want while also managing their relationships with retail partners. TrendSource helps CPG manufacturers:

Manage Retail Channels

Audit retail partners, ensuring merchandizing, marketing, and stock compliance. Gather timely information on competitive advantages and disadvantages at certain retail locations, measure in-store marketing ROI, and confirm that store associates are knowledgeable about your company's products.

Increase Market Share

Ensure your products launch successfully. Mitigate risk by testing and piloting new products before they launch, understand customers' highest intent to purchase within certain product categories, and develop a strategy that meets consumers' needs and wants.

Design the Right Products

Get a window into consumers' purchasing habits, and tap into both customers' and non-customers' brand perceptions. Understand the key drivers that influence consumers' purchase choices and get insight into product opportunities.

We mix and match our methodologies to form the perfect recipe for your market research needs. This means that your company will only pay for what it wants, and that it gets exactly what it needs. Our market research solutions draw from any of the following methodologies:

Our custom programs are built in consultation with our Insights team, and many of these qualitative and quantitative methodologies are supported by our proprietary network of Field Agents, which guarantees 100% coverage and completion across the United States and Canada. They offer best-in-class data collection, and our QA team is backing them up to ensure only the highest quality data informs your strategies. By the time our Analytics team gets involved, the collective brain power dedicated to answering your company's market research questions is staggering.

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