Avoid Costly Penalties with Employee Compliance Audits

Ensure the customer-facing employees representing your business remain compliant with government restrictions.

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Stay on the Right Side of the Law

Certain goods, most notably alcohol and tobacco, are subject to government-regulated age restrictions, and so are other regulated substances and services. Violating restrictions placed on them can result in costly penalties and forced closures. Restaurants, retailers, grocers, and others can inject and maintain a company culture that values compliance by regularly dispatching Field Agents to your locations to reinforce compliant behavior and alert you to dangerous shortfalls when they arise, and before a penalty occurs.

  • Alcohol sales in restaurants, grocery and convenience stores, and retail locations
  • Tobacco in grocery and retail
  • Weapons
  • Regulated over-the-counter medications in grocery and pharmacy  
  • Other regulated goods and services

Profitability is tough when your business constantly pays out penalties for noncompliance; it is impossible when you are shut down.

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Employee Compliance Audits, the TrendSource Way

This stuff is important, we know! Employees are rewarded and disciplined based on the information our programs provide, so we ensure the highest levels of accuracy, detail, and timeliness. 

  • With Field Agents distributed across North America, we guarantee 100% coverage for your locations.
  • Our agents are trained to ensure the highest level of discretion, meaning they won't draw the attention of other customers while in your store.
  • Our agents are constantly vetted and recertified to ensure accuracy
  • Our database has the diversity you need, meaning we will find the right age, language, and demographics for your locations
  • Our independent QA team serves as a final line of defense against inaccuracies, guaranteeing your company can rely on our information

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