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TrendSource — from market research and strategic consulting to OnSite Inspections and compliance audits — has worked with hundreds of companies across a variety of industries, from medium-sized businesses to large global brands (some we can mention, some we can't). No matter your market, we will custom build the perfect custom solution for your business and your industry.

Compliance for Employment

I-9 Verification Services

Ensure compliance with Employment Verification requirements and relieve the burdens on your Human Resources team by utilizing TrendSource’s I-9 Verification Services. Whether for on-site or remote employees, TrendSource will meet New Hires wherever is most convenient and work with them to complete Section 2 of form I-9.

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Compliance for Consumer Reports

Virtual and Physical OnSite Inspections for Consumer Reporting

TrendSource has sent decades helping companies document their compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which protects consumer data. Whether the inspection takes place virtually or in-person, TrendSource has the coverage and experience you need to meet your compliance documentation needs.

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Compliance for Government

Repossession Lot Audits, FHA Lender Audits, and Occupancy Verification Audits

TrendSource’s deep compliance experience means we can handle all types of audits to ensure governmental compliance including Repossession Lot Inspections, FHA Lender Audits, and multiple types of Occupancy Verification Audits.

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Compliance for Health Care

CMS Compliance Audits

During the Annual Enrollment Period, the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) regularly audit Medicare supplement providers, with steep penalties and even loss of contract potentially resulting from violations. To guard against this, TrendSource offers phone call audits, informal and formal event audits, and one-on-one appointment audits in multiple languages for providers looking to monitor and ensure continued compliance with CMS.

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Compliance for Retail

Merchandising Audits, Marketing Audits, and Stock Audits

TrendSource dispatches Field Agents to retail locations to perform audits ranging from merchandising and marketing audits to stock audits, all which help retailers ensure continued compliance from vendors and franchisees with contracted agreements and corporate policies.

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