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TrendSource — from market research and strategic consulting to OnSite Inspections and compliance audits — has worked with hundreds of companies across a variety of industries, from medium-sized businesses to large global brands (some we can mention, some we can't). No matter your market, we will custom build the perfect custom solution for your business and your industry.

Grocery Industry Market Research

The Art of the Cart

We have decades of experience helping Fortune 100 and independent grocers alike achieve rapid growth, enter new markets, embark on new strategies and marketing campaigns, and validate promotions. Let us help you shape what goes into your customers' carts.

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CPG Industry Market Research

From Center Aisle to Center Stage

We know Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers need to ensure compliance among their retail and supply chain partners, and they also need to conduct market research to ensure their products and marketing campaigns resonate with customers. We are here to help.

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Retail Industry Market Research

Are They Buying What You are Selling?

TrendSource understands how to push retailers past their revenue goals by providing insights into customer perceptions, their competitive market, and their ideal buyers' journey. We will help you build your ideal omnichannel shopping experience.

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Manufacturing Industry Market Research

You Make it, Will They Buy It?

We understand that manufacturers must make data-driven decisions not just about their customers but also about their retail partners. We offer compliance audits, as well as a variety of mystery shops and Voice-of-the-Customer methodologies to provide manufacturers with the arsenal of insights they need.

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Food Service Market Research

Insights, Served Fresh

We know how to help restaurant operators identify service gaps, understand key behaviors that will drive sales, and get to the bottom of what customers want. Serving a variety of Fortune 100 QSR, fast-casual, and dine-in restaurants for over two decades, we are the secret sauce you should be adding to your food industry sandwich.

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Advertising and Marketing Market Research

Helping Help Their Clients

We do the hard work so that you don't have to. We help advertising and marketing agencies conduct research to inform their creative vision, validate their campaigns before and after launch, and ensure in-field marketing material compliance.

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Health Care Market Research

Care for Your Patients and Protect Yourself

With Health Care Market Research and Inspections, we help providers measure, streamline, and optimize their patient experience, while helping Fortune 100 insurance providers ensure compliance in health care.

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Finance Industry Market Research

Stay Profitable, Stay Compliant

Lending institutions must stay compliant with innumerable statutory regulations, but also must stay on the right side of customer perception and satisfaction.

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Technology and Telecommunications Market Research

A Direct Line to Insights

Understand and enhance your user experience through online mystery shopping and other digital methodologies, and stay on the right side of government regulations with compliance audits.

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Transportation Industry Market Research

Accelerate your Insights

Ensure your transportation services are on-time, customer-friendly, and legally compliant by using mystery shopping, VOC, and other market research methodologies.

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Government and Education Market Research

Learn Your Truth

Just because you are in government or education does not mean you do not have customers! In fact, everybody could potentially be your customer. Get insights related to customer satisfaction, operational standards, and compliance, whatever your jurisdiction.

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Regulated Service Industries Inspections

Assessing Compliance and Mitigating Risk

Providing unbiased, third-party OnSite Inspections for regulated service industries to ensure compliance.

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