FHA/HUD Inspections

Helping mortgage companies assess satellite office compliance with the Fair Housing Administration (FHA) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) requirements

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FHA/HUD Inspections for Satellite Offices

While the FHA traditionally audits companies once every year, it is imperative mortgage companies ensure that every branch across the country can document its compliance with FHA regulations in anticipation of a potential audit. This undertaking can be quite challenging as it is difficult to coordinate corporate office visits to each satellite location annually.

TrendSource brokers satellite lender office Inspections, providing an unbiased assessment of the office's compliance with federal regulations and recommendations. These include standard and in-depth Inspections, both of which evaluate FHA compliance, commercial and non-commercial space, statutes, regulations, HUD issuances, and employee procedures. TrendSource offers mortgage branch inspections, FHA lender inspections, and HUD consolidated audits.

Inspectors pay particular attention to:

  • Adequate Company Identifiers
  • Labor Laws
  • Mortgage-Specific Laws and Acts
  • Availability of Marketing Collateral
  • Much more
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Virtual FHA/HUD Lender Inspections

TrendSource has worked diligently to develop the knowledge and infrastructure to complete FHA/HUD Lender Inspections virtually. Virtual FHA/HUD Lender Inspections are as comprehensive and focused as in-person Inspections, with the added convenience and speed of the virtual world.

In a Virtual Lender Inspection, an Inspector interviews an on-site contact who then gives them a tour of the facilities using a video chat application. The contact further provides verifiable photographs of required materials, which the Inspector confirms were visible during their tour.

Of course, each lender must decide whether in-person or virtual Inspections best meet their needs. If you have questions, you should reach out to an Inspection Specialist.

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How TrendSource Does FHA/HUD Lender Inspections

TrendSource proudly offers 100% coverage of the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. This is possible because of our proprietary database of Inspectors, which allows us to complete projects rapidly, efficiently, and accurately.

Our Quality Assurance team is always on call to ensure that Reports are complete and error-free before submission.

Speed, efficiency, and accuracy: That’s how TrendSource does FHA/HUD Lender Inspections.

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