Retail Stock Audits

Helping businesses see their in-store and digital presence through their customers' eyes, understanding how products move through retail locations, and how to improve sales and customer loyalty

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Taking Stock of Stock Audits

Stock audits help companies keep track of how items move through their store — how quickly they fly off shelves, how quickly they are replaced, and which items are the hardest to keep in stock. This can help grocers and retailers improve their partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers, increasing profitability for all involved. Retailers and grocers alike should consider stock audits to:

  • Ensure their most popular products are continually restocked
  • Ensure stocked items are not past their expiration date
  • Test products after launch to understand sell-through
  • Test speed of replenishment
  • Formulate plans for recapturing lost sales due to unavailability
  • Increase customer loyalty
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How TrendSource does Stock Audits

TrendSource regularly executes stock audits for a wide range of Fortune 500 retailers and grocers, who understand the TrendSource difference starts with our Field Agent database. With hundreds of thousands of agents spread across the continent, we dispatch professional, responsible, and accountable Agents to specific locations to complete their work rapidly and accurately.

Human error is, of course, unavoidable, so TrendSource has its best-in-class Quality Assurance team standing by to catch any mistakes before they are reported to our clients.

Accuracy, speed, and accountability — that’s how TrendSource does Stock Audits.

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