Marketing Compliance Audits

Helping corporate offices ensure all franchised locations display the most current and appropriate marketing materials in line with marketing initiatives

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Optimize Marketing Efforts Across Locations

No two locations are exactly the same, and marketing materials are always changing. Marketing audits allow businesses to effectively monitor franchised locations to ensure efficiency and compliance with marketing initiatives and efforts.

TrendSource offers two types of marketing audits: compliance audits and informational audits.

In Marketing Compliance Audits, a Field Agent arrives at a particular location to photograph all marketing materials (including menu boards and promotional signage) on display to ensure they are up-to-date and compliant with the corporate marketing vision. This is particularly useful among franchised locations.

Informational Marketing Audits provide businesses with accurate information about their franchised and satellite locations, including:

  • Counts and measurements for all windows and doors
  • Directional orientation (does the front entrance face a street or parking lot, etc.)
  • Overall square footage
  • Table counts and sizes
  • Zoning restrictions impacting front-of-store signage

All of the collected data is then used for marketing optimization, streamlining marketing efforts and tailoring them to the specific needs and limitations of each specific location.

Together, these two audit types help businesses:

  • Avoid sending expensive signage and promotional materials to locations that cannot use it, due to local laws or spatial restrictions
  • Monitor for any franchisees slow to implement the latest marketing materials
  • Provide adequate signage for larger locations

A brand's marketing should fit each franchised restaurant like a glove, and Marketing Compliance Audits provide each location’s hand size… and ensures they are wearing the glove.

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How TrendSource does Marketing Compliance Audits

The TrendSource difference starts with coverage — TrendSource can dispatch a quality Field Agent to a businesses’ many locations, wherever they are. With coverage in all 50 states and Canada, TrendSource can audit franchises and corporate locations wherever they set up shop.

Before each project, TrendSource provides Field Agents with detailed instructions to ensure they uniformly and efficiently complete the audit, guiding them through the particulars of photography — photo angle, distance, and quantity — as well as information on how they should go about handling exceptions.

And TrendSource’s top-notch Quality Assurance team is there to catch any mistakes that may slip through the cracks. Quality, efficiency, and professionalism: that’s the TrendSource difference.

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