Making Workshops Work for You

Implementing changes based on market research insights is a tough process, and communicating that change to stakeholders is particularly important and fraught with dangers. TrendSource will help facilitate workshops to present the right message in the right manner to secure stakeholder buy-in.

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Putting In the Work

As a full service market research and strategic consulting firm, we aren't just here to give insights, we're also here to help implement them. After research has been conducted, and a change in course has been identified, it's time to secure buy-in from stakeholders, ranging from senior leadership all the way down to junior associates. TrendSource will design and lead visioning workshops to get stakeholders engaged and onboard.

Generally lasting 1-2 days, these workshops are an opportunity to work with stakeholders to identify and implement organizational changes in a collaborative, directed setting.

  • Secure buy-in from organizational stakeholders on planned changes
  • Build a roadmap to future improvements
  • Break down silos to facilitate interdepartmental communication and collaboration
  • Solicit perspectives across rank-and-file and leadership

Ensure stakeholders are genuinely excited about the future course, not just deferring to leadership, by clearly and openly communicating goals in a facilitated workshop.

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Facilitated Workshops, the TrendSource Way

Facilitated visioning workshops are one part of a broader change roadmap that TrendSource will use to build your business. Recently, a Fortune 100 retailer planned a sweeping institutional change and, as part of its full-service consulting package, TrendSource helped this retailer communicate these changes to store operators and associates. As in this case, facilitated workshops are often combined with other products and services such as:

With these services, we have the industry knowledge and leadership experience to lead productive workshops for your business.

What Can We Help You Accomplish?

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