Building a Mystery Shopping Program

We have nearly thirty years' of mystery shopping experience — we actually started the modern industry — and we know how to combine mystery shops with other methodologies to test, validate, and monitor your locations.

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Become a Fly on the Wall

How does a typical customer experience one of your locations? You can't be in each of your stores every second of the day, but mystery shopping gets you most of the way there by offering you an unbiased, real-world, boots-on-the-ground evaluation of your store. This serves two purposes. First and most obviously, it gives you the information you need to make decisions about your stores' operations and culture. Second, the specter of a mystery shopping program keeps associates on their toes, treating every customer like they have a direct line to management.

In secret shopper programs, we send trained Field Agents to your locations to conduct an undercover shopping or dining trip. There, they will gather the information you requested, which can include:

  • Customer service behavior
  • Associate counts on sales floor
  • Wait times
  • Perceptions of quality of goods or services
  • Associate product knowledge
  • Photos and video

Both qualitative and quantitative in nature, mystery shopping programs are useful in every industry. Because every industry has customers. And mystery shopping helps your company better serve them.

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Tried and True for a Reason

It's not the sexiest methodology out there, but it's tried and true for a reason: no other methodology gives you a fly-on-the-wall perspective of your company's locations and associates. Use mystery shopping programs on their own or in combination with other methodologies to:

  • Establish a baseline for future improvements
  • Validate previous initiatives

The depth of our Field Agent database means your locations won't see the same set of secret shoppers every time — we guarantee rotation to ensure associates don't solve the mystery. Our agents eliminate bias and keep their opinions confined to appropriate spaces, so you know you are getting an accurate portrait of your locations' day-to-day operations. And, as with all our programs, we guarantee 100% coverage and completion across the United States and Canada. Let us help you solve the mystery.

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