Panel Surveys:
Reach Beyond Your Customer Base

Gain insights into consumers outside your customer base as you enter new markets and launch new products by surveying a custom panel of qualified respondents.

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A Panel of Your Future Customers

Your business has its customers, and it loves them, no doubt. Anytime you have questions about new products or changes to the existing customer experience, you can hit them up with Customer Intercepts or Satisfaction Surveys. That's easy.

But when entering into a new market, going after a new demographic, or releasing a new product, you need access to the perceptions and perspectives of consumers who are not already counted among your customers. How do you get at the opinions of the people who you want to become your customers? Panel Surveys.

Let's say your company is about to enter a new market and is unsure of the best messaging in this unfamiliar space. We will build a panel of consumers within that market to give you insights before you even open your doors.

Useful across every industry, Panel Surveys allow your business to:

  • Anticipate purchase behavior among specific demographic groups
  • Understand what keeps certain customers out of your locations
  • Predict which products and/or services will draw new traffic to your locations
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Part of a Product Launching Suite

Panel Surveys are an indispensable market research tool in the product launch toolkit. When combined with other qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, they can help ensure your next product enters a hospitable market.

For example, one manufacturer recently combined panel surveys with advanced analytics and data mining to identify which zip codes contained the highest concentration of consumers likely to purchase a new product. This ensured that their launch was successful as they rolled it out in these zip codes first.

Similarly, another manufacturer combined panel surveys with Retail Audits and customer intercepts in order to understand each stage of the customer journey across different touch points.

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Panel Surveys, the TrendSource Way

Your company sets the qualifiers, and we will build the panel. It really is that simple. You can get as granular as you like in terms of age, income, location, ethnicity, gender, and any other qualifier we can sort for. The lower the incidence rate, the better — we love a challenge.

Since we custom build all of our programs, we will ensure that you are asking the right questions to uncover the insights your company seeks, while also helping you to combine panel surveys with other methodologies to get at deeper truths. Survey says: TrendSource.

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