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Data Analysis turns raw data into actionable insights, and our unbiased Advanced Analytics team knows how to get the most mileage out of your dataset.

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Where Research Becomes Conclusion

In Market Research, collecting the data is only half the battle. The analysis stage is where quantitative abstractions become useful intelligence, but the path to insights forks many times along the way, and it really takes an expert to know which direction to go.

Data collection, no matter how precisely planned and executed, can never go perfectly. There will always be a few bad data points in any data set. As part of any analysis program, we clean your set to remove suspicious and inaccurate data, guaranteeing you only see the most relevant results.

When it comes to running analyses, we custom build our solutions so we will not try to force your data into our favorite model (we don't even have a favorite, we love them all). Instead, our advanced analytics team will find the right data analysis model for you. Whether this means running strict correlations, regressions, or descriptive statistics, it all comes down to your specific needs. And it gets even more complicated from there. Within regression models, for example, one must choose between linear and logistic, and also decide if they will use a forest or decision tree model. And don't even get us started on parabolas.

Long story short: data analysis is some complicated stuff, but we are pretty great at it.

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