Data Collection: Quality Insights Start with Quality Data Collection Methods

The earliest in-field stage of any market research program, data collection can mean the difference between a truly insightful effort and an unmitigated failure. Ensure your data is collected rapidly and reliably by leaving it to the professionals.

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Build Market Research Programs on a Solid Data Collection Foundation

Data collection is the foundation that every market research program is built upon, and a faulty foundation cannot support any structure, no matter how well built it is. Simply put, once you have bad data, the only way out is to start over, which is costly and inefficient. Ensure your company gets it right the first time by trusting it to the experts.

TrendSource's Field Agents and moderators will gather reliable, quality data the first time out in support of these programs:

Don't leave things to chance, trust the experts from the start. And continue to trust us when it comes to data analysis.

Data Collection Done Right

It's pretty easy to mess this up. We wrote an entire blog about it, in fact. There, we pointed out just a few of the traps market research and polling companies can fall into.

Here are just a few of the things we do to ensure the highest quality data:

Vet a Dynamic Field Agent Database

Our robust database rewards accuracy and timeliness while eliminating agents unwilling or unable to provide quality data, meaning that the rawest numbers that are put into models are as close to perfect as possible.

Validate Research Whenever Possible Against Existing Data

There should always be checks and balances within market research programs, and validating independent research against our client's existing data provides this opportunity.

Maintain a Dedicated and Independent Quality Assurance Team

This is paramount. Different silos within market research firms have differing and sometimes conflicting priorities related to field completion, client deadlines, and cost. We give our QA team the power and independence necessary to push back against bad data.

And our vast Field Agent network also means we guarantee 100% coverage across the United States and Canada. Your company needs data to feed its research programs. Don't give them junk food.

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