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Ensure Good Faith and Mutual Trust

Compliance and Audit programs provide you on-the-ground intelligence ensuring you and your partners are compliant with business agreements, franchise contracts, and legal requirements.

Merchandising Audit Program

Get eyes in-store to verify where and how are your products being displayed by your retail partners.

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Retail Audit Program

Find harmony between manufacturer and retailer by guaranteeing both parties meet their contractual obligations with in-store retail audits.

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Marketing Audit Program

Ensure your campaigns are being executed in-field, that proper marketing materials are being deployed, and that local zoning regulations are followed through a digital marketing audit program.

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Stock Audits

Discover if retailers maintain stock and offer your product consistently and accurately to customers.

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CMS Compliance Audits

Avoid costly fines and contract termination by leveraging Mystery Shops to ensure your Medicare Advantage and Supplement Plans are compliant with CMS regulations.

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Grocery Store Audits

Understand how your products are sold within grocery stores, and ensure that your grocer partners are meeting their obligations.

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Employee Compliance Audits

Ensure your employees stay on the correct side of regulated sales by monitoring them with Employee Compliance Audits.

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