Good Retail Audits Make for Good Partnerships

Monitor how your company's products are marketed, positioned, and sold within retail environments through retail audits. Ensure that retailers execute their contractual obligations in terms of signage, plan-o-gram, stock level, and sales associate knowledge and presentation.

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Confidence, Trust, and Security

When manufacturers enter into contracts with retailers, they must be confident that retailers follow the terms of those contracts on a case-by-case, store-by-store level. Otherwise, they wind up paying for considerations they did not receive, and their product and brand are not optimally presented. Thus, Retail Audit Market Research can be the glue that holds together successful partnerships between manufacturers and retailers by ensuring retailers act in good faith and are compliant with contractual stipulations.

Through a retail store audit program, manufacturers can be assured retailers meet their obligations in the following areas:

In-store Signage

Are the retailers only using manufacturer-approved merchandising and signage to communicate with customers about your brand?

Promotional Compliance

Is the retailer offering any unauthorized promotions or discounts on your product, or, worse yet, invoking your product's name to promote a competitor's?

Associate Interaction

Is the store associate accurately representing, promoting, and selling the product?


Does the retailer maintain the appropriate level of your product on the proper shelves?

Retailers themselves also have a vested interest in a retail audit program. With so many locations to manage across multiple states and regions, retailers must be made aware when particular locations are breaking contractual agreements, even if it is an aberration as opposed to a pattern, so as to take immediate corrective action and avoid jeopardizing their relationship with the manufacturer.

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Retail Audits, the TrendSource Way

Whatever your business manufactures, you have to sell it somewhere, and, wherever that is, we are there with boots on the ground to evaluate how it's being sold. This includes:

  • Game and toy manufacturers auditing toy stores
  • Fashion manufacturers auditing department stores
  • Online retail audits to ensure your goods are appropriately sold in digital environments
  • Any other manufacturer who contracts to sell their goods in retail locations

Whatever your business makes, you put a lot of work into your products: You carry them to term through taxing research and development, you precisely hone your marketing campaigns, and you build goodwill with your customers through your brand promise. You then trust these products to your retail partners, hoping they meet their obligations to appropriately position, describe, and sell it.

Don't trust. Know.

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