Let Your Customers Tell You Their Story

Ethnographies let you see your stores through your customers' eyes. Your company strives to create a great in-store environment, but in order to do so you must qualitatively understand how customers experience that environment. Ethnographies give that understanding.

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Your Customers' Experiences, In Their Own Words

Ethnographies offer a truly deep dive into the perceptions, priorities, and pain points of your customer base. Qualified respondents move through your location on a typical trip, recording their impressions in real time via mobile device to give you rapid data while their experience is still fresh in their mind. Think of it as a self-guided Shopalong. Get penetrating insights into some of the following topics:

  • How marketing materials resonate with certain demographic segments
  • How different demographic groups navigate and experience your locations
  • How associate product knowledge influences purchases
  • How décor and ambience influence the in-store experience

Pair ethnographies with other market research solutions in order to add qualitative depth to quantitative data. Consider pairing ethnographies with:

  • Customer Intercepts to correspond qualitative impression with quantitative trend
  • Retail Audits to understand how retail variables like stock count and shelf position impact the customer experience
  • Panel Surveys to understand what your existing customer base can teach you about the consumers you are trying to draw in
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Ethnographies Tell You How Your Customers Experience Your In-Store Experience

As retailers, grocers, and restaurant operators all struggle to find new ways to draw traffic into physical, brick-and-mortar locations, they have all started offering novel and unique in-store experiences. It's easy to know what kind of in-store experience you'd like to create, but how do you understand how your customers, for lack of a better phrase, experience that experience?

That's why ethnographies are special. You can drill as deep into certain aspects of the shopping trip as you like, so you are given unrestricted access almost immediately. It's like being able to interrogate your customers for a few hours. Truly start to understand how the decisions you make to shape your in-store experiences are actually landing with your customers and then begin to refine them.

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How TrendSource Does Ethnographies

Our proprietary Field Agent database means that we have vetted, professional agents who already shop your locations. It also means that we can get as granular with the sample as you need us to. Do you need ethnographies from a hyper-specific demographic segment? The lower the incidence rate the better — we love a good challenge.

We provide mobile ethnographies both for in-store and online shopping. Based on the demographic criteria you provide, we dispatch an agent to your location or to your website. After they have completed their trip, they immediately record their impressions via online portal. These reports are quickly reviewed by our independent Quality Assurance team and are on your reporting dashboard within 24 hours.

Your customers already tell their friends and family about their experiences in your stores. Let them tell you too.

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