Understand Consumers’ Purchase Motivators

Shopalongs and Dinealongs allow you to ask, WHY? They get you inside the head of your typical customers to understand why they make certain decisions in the moment of purchase and how you can influence these decisions to drive sales.

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Understand the Why Behind the Buy

Shopalongs and Dinealongs are a qualitative methodology that will help your business understand how customers navigate locations, engage marketing materials, and experience your products and services.

Shop-Alongs allow your company to dive deep into your customers' purchase motivators. A trained moderator will follow volunteer consumers as they move through a brick-and-mortar or online location, asking follow-up questions to zero in on the topics you care most about. Shop-Alongs and Dine-Alongs will help:

  • Manufacturers uncover how their goods are sold in different retail environments, and whether there are any impediments on the path to purchase
  • Restaurants understand how customers move through and perceive their locations, are successfully upsold, and experience their meal
  • Retailers discover what motivates shoppers to come in-store vs. online, and also what unexpected pain points shoppers encounter
  • Grocers understand how and why customers decide to put items in their cart
  • Health Care professionals understand why patients choose certain care options over others and how they can improve certain aspects of the patient experience
  • And others

Why Shop-Alongs?

Like every business, yours would love to follow your customers through the store to better understand how you can improve their overall experience, ease their path to purchase, and ultimately drive sales. While following them around, you'd ask:

  • How changes to location layout affect navigability?
  • How product changes affect brand perception?
  • How they perceive in-store marketing?

But, most of all, you'd ask them, simply, why? Why did you or did you not make that purchase?

Shop Alongs and Dine Alongs give you all the information your business needs. Trained moderators follow volunteer shoppers on a typical shopping journey in brick-and-mortar and/or online environments, and ask pointed questions to get to the heart of customers' influencers and motivators while in your locations. Use this information to drive traffic and sales by giving your customers what they want before they have to ask for it.

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How TrendSource Does Shop-Alongs and Dine-Alongs

A shop along can only be as good as the person going along with the shopper. Moderating a Shop Along can be tricky — it's tough to emphasize the topics the client is most interested in while also keeping the interaction fluid, natural, and spontaneous. Our moderators are experienced professionals who know what questions to ask and when to ask them to get the information that matters most to your company. And our expansive network means that wherever your customers are shopping, we can send somebody along for the ride: we guarantee 100% coverage and completion in the United States and Canada.

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