Sentiment Analysis:
How Do People Feel About Your Brand and What are They Saying?

Understand how consumers and customers perceive and feel about your brand in online reviews, social media channels, public platforms, and other digital forms by deploying sentiment analysis methodologies, and then let their feelings guide your actions. Don't be surprised by customer sentiment; keep in front of it.

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Sentiment Analysis: Don’t Let Consumer Sentiment Surprise You, Stay Ahead of the Game

It's a digital world, and for better and worse, there are innumerable forums for consumers to discuss your brand, be it online reviews in places like Yelp and Google; social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook; or in blogs, online journals and other forms of DIY publishing — or even just plain old fashioned person-to-person word of mouth.

The truth is, no matter how wonderful your businesses' products and services are, some people will promote it and others will disparage it. Sentiment analysis tools help you to understand the common points in both positive and negative comments, allowing you to calibrate your strategy to lean into the good and address the bad.

Indispensable for any customer-facing business, sentiment analysis is particularly suited for grocery, retail, manufacturing, food service, and even health care.

Online sentiment analysis is a flexible tool that can be deployed in many critical stages and situations including:

  • Active monitoring to ensure continued brand health
  • Validating a new product, service, or strategy
  • Understanding why a particular product has failed to meet your expectations
  • Rolling out a new product in a specific region before a national campaign
  • Continuous monitoring to ensure a favored product remains so
  • Understanding the efficacy of particular marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Using big data and AI to gain real-time knowledge and feedback for constant understanding and quick validation
  • Combined with focus groups and other offline methodologies
  • Many more
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Sentiment Analysis, The TrendSource Way

Using proprietary algorithms, machine learning, and big data analytics, TrendSource does the hard work of sentiment analysis so that you don't have to. Working with a Client Success Manager, you set the listening parameters and the research questions, and then watch (and listen) as the data pours in. With flexible rapid reporting websites and the best analytics team in the business, we turn these reams of data into actionable insights for you and your team. Throw in some offline methodologies for even deeper layers of understanding, and you've got sentiment analysis, the TrendSource way!

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