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Net Promoter Score

Find out Your Score!

Customer satisfaction may be the most important metric, but do you know how willing your customers are to recommend you to others? Find out with a Net Promoter Score, a -100 to 100 rating system, which gives you a clear idea of not just how you are measuring up in your customers' eyes, but also whether they will suggest your products or services to friends, acquaintances, or in online reviews.

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Sentiment Analysis

What are Your Customers Feeling About Your Brand?

It's a big bad online world out there — from online reviews to blog and social media posts — and, regardless of whether you care to listen, people have feelings about your brand online every day. Ensure your brand perception remains intact by getting in depth reports about what they're feeling, how they're expressing it, and how you can begin to address it.

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Online Social Listening: Don't Just Check In From Time to Time, Always Be Listening

It's Not Eavesdropping, It's Just Good Business

Social media can make or break a business — ensure yours isn't confined to the Twitter catacombs by staying ahead of the conversation. Gain a clear understanding of the shape, character, and particulars of social media conversations about your brand, wherever they are taking place, and learn how to address your shortcomings. Don't be surprised by social media conversations when it's already too late, let TrendSource listen in for you.

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