Omnichannel Market Research: Your Customers are Everywhere, Your Market Research Should be Too

TrendSource will help your brand monitor its relationships with customers across every touch point by combining in-store, online, and over-the-phone market research methodologies. Understand your business's consumers wherever they engage your brands.

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Omnichannel is Every Channel

With very few exceptions, no shopper is entirely online or in-store — the reality is far blurrier and messier than that: most are a blend of the two, an omnichannel consumer. That means they engage businesses on multiple devices and in multiple locations every day.

Keep up with your customers by integrating in-store, mobile, and online methodologies into an omnichannel program. Consider:

Remember, any methodology can be adapted to fit your company's omnichannel needs. We will custom build a program of our market research solutions for your business.

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How TrendSource does OmniChannel Market Research

Our programs are supported by our expansive Field Agent network, which guarantees 100% coverage and completion, 100% of the time. Sure, online coverage is easy, but pairing online market research with good old-fashioned brick-and-mortar market research requires a partner with agents near your most populated and remote locations alike.

Our Insights and Analytics teams take it from there, ensuring rapid, digestible, and actionable insights across all channels.

That's the TrendSource way.

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