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Primary Market Research

You Must Crawl Before You Walk

Before you build a house, you must explore the ground that will become its foundation. The same is true in the business world — you can't just plop down, set up shop, and hope for the best. Primary market research gives your business the lay of the land before entering a new market, and regularly keeps you abreast of looming shifts and threats within it.

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Omnichannel Market Research

Your Business is Omnichannel, So Your Market Research Program Should be Too

These days, your customers engage your brands on multiple platforms, both digital and physical. How do you best target customers using your app and shopping in your stores at the same time? How do you leverage social media, online advertising, and in-store promotions to best target today's omnichannel consumer?

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Online and IVR

Your Customers Are Calling, You Should Answer

Offer your customers the opportunity to share their feedback with Interactive Voice Response surveys. An Online and IVR survey program delivers insights from your most committed customers and can be regularly updated to emphasize particular focus topics.

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Mobile Market Research

Insights On-the-Move

Mobile market research methodologies are for companies with customers who engage their brands on-the-go…which means everybody! Allow customers, independent Field Agents, or even your own associates serve up feedback via their mobile device. Your customers are mobile, so your insights should be too.

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Online Communities

Leverage Social Media to Gain Insights

Build and survey an online community by leveraging social media. Think of them as digital focus groups, where you can test out products, demo marketing campaigns, or understand how consumers interact with and use your product (oftentimes, it's different from what you would think).

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Understand Your Customers' Journey In their Own Words

Mobile ethnographies give you unfiltered insights from your customers in real time. Ask for their responses to marketing materials, to new products, or to describe their in-store or online shopping experience in their own words.

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Consumer Panel Surveys, Online and In Person

Build a consumer panel survey based on pre-selected demographic and behavioral criteria to get in-depth insights into your products and services, whether in-person or online.

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Focus Groups

Yes, Focus Groups Involve Two-Way Mirrors

In-person focus groups give you the penetrating analysis you need when considering product and marketing changes. Led by expert moderators trained to get subjects to the heart of matters without leading them there, these groups can teach you how consumers perceive your products and services, how they will react to any changes you make, and how they use your products in their daily life.

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Mystery Shopping

Like a Swiss Army Fly On the Wall

Mystery shoppers are like a fly on the wall and a Swiss Army knife at the same time — an almost imperceptible array of tools adaptable to almost any purpose. Whether your efforts are oriented around customer service, compliance, or validation, mystery shoppers provide the on-the-ground intelligence you need to answer your most pressing business questions.

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Custom Research Programs

If You Want it and You Don't See it, We Will Make it

We offer a lot of products, we know, but maybe none of them can get you the answers you need. Don't worry, we aren't going to try to fit your square peg problem into a round hole solution. Instead, we will custom design methodologies to deliver the insights you need. Market research with a personal touch.

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