Online Focus Groups:
Focus Groups For Everybody

Online focus groups, or online communities, assemble qualified participants into a digital focus group, led by a trained moderator. Answer your company's deepest market research questions by putting them to the group — the online focus group, that is.

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Getting Things into Focus, Online

Online Focus Groups are Focus Groups run online (sometimes, things aren't all that complicated). Whereas focus groups operate in real time, online focus groups are asynchronous, meaning that panelists can respond to questions on their own schedule, providing a more convenient experience for the respondent.

Thus, online Focus Groups provide the penetrating insights of an in-person focus group with several additional advantages:

  • The lack of required travel means that, as a general rule, online focus groups are significantly cheaper than their IRL counterpart.
  • They avoid regional bias by reaching a national sample.
  • Online focus groups reach a broad geographic sample in one fell swoop. This means your company can conduct market research across the country through one focus group.

Online Focus Groups would be useful for quite literally every industry TrendSource serves — every industry has its customers, and online focus groups are a singular way to reach them. This is especially true for:

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Online Focus Groups, the TrendSource Way

While they are simple in nature, constructing and maintaining an optimized online focus groups is tricky stuff. We know, we've done it for Fortune 500 companies, custom-building them from the ground up.

We will help you design your questions, ensuring you are going about the process correctly. And when it's time to launch, we only employ the highest quality moderators, so you can ensure the focus groups keep their focus, answering the questions your company needs answered in an organic yet scripted manner. We keep it in focus so your company doesn't have to.

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