Online and IVR:
Your Customers are Calling, Pick Up the Line

Get direct feedback from customers through Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology and online surveys. Understand your company's services from your customers' point of view — they are already in your businesses' locations, and they already have opinions about your services. Hear them.

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Your Businesses’ Feedback Hotline

Everybody is familiar with the ubiquitous invitation found at the bottom of receipts, offering customers the chance to either call a toll-free number or follow a link to answer a survey about their recent experience. There's a reason everybody is familiar with them: They work. By offering your businesses' customers a small incentive, perhaps a drawing for a gift card or other prize, you can increase your response rates. Applicable across every industry, because every industry has customers, use IVR and Online Surveys to ask your customers about:

  • Customer service
  • Location cleanliness
  • Product offerings
  • Potential changes to services
  • Wait times
  • Much more

While not the most exhaustive method of soliciting feedback, IVR and Online Surveys should be used when you need to fill some qualitative and quantitative gaps in a broader market research program. Alternatively, they can be used to keep a watchful eye on employee service behaviors in addition to mystery shops — validate the unbiased perspective of our Mystery Shoppers by supplementing them with IVR and/or Online program.

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How TrendSource Does IVR and Online

TrendSource brings over 25 years of experience to survey design, so we know how to get the information you want from your customer in as few questions as possible and without mistakes.

We will evaluate your customer base, the segment of that base you are most interested in hearing from, and go from there. That's because, to simplify it greatly, if your target customer base tends to be elderly and not as familiar with online technology, IVR is clearly the way to go. But if you are targeting millennials, well, they are not picking up the phone. Let us help you design a customer IVR and Online Survey program.

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