Focus Groups:
Develop Your Products and Services

Understand how consumers interact with and perceive your existing products to find pathways to optimization, and develop and test new products and services with Focus Group. TrendSource will pair your business with a professional moderator and help recruit the sample group.

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Brining it into Focus with Qualitative Research

There's a reason Focus Groups are the one of the first things that come to mind when hearing the phrase 'market research.' Focus Groups offer businesses unrivaled depth and latitude when investigating their most pressing product and service questions by tapping directly into engaged consumers. Use Focus Groups to:

  • Understand how consumers use products after purchase — your company may be surprised to find it is missing out on easy opportunities
  • See brands from consumers' perspectives
  • Gain insight into how new products will be received by specific consumer segments
  • Uncover the source of any brand animosity
  • Much more

Combining Focus Groups with other methodologies will only add further depth to your inquiry. For example pair highly qualitative Focus Group data with other qualitative research solutions like Customer Intercepts to better understand which segments focus groups should target to begin to flesh out buyer personas. Or with Retail Audits and Mystery Shops to better understand the customer journey and experience, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

We custom build our research programs in consultation with our clients, combining the methodologies companies need.

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Focus Groups, the TrendSource Way

Just because Focus Groups seem simple and straightforward doesn't mean they're easy. Beyond recruiting the ideal sample, it is imperative that businesses find the right moderator and question designer for their program. TrendSource has the experience to help. We coordinate focus groups for Fortune 500 companies, custom-building their programs from the ground up.  We will work directly with your business to ensure the focus group sample is the most representative and pertinent to your inquiry, and the moderator is the best qualified to guide your group. 

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