Customer Service Monitoring:
How Do Your Associates Treat Your Everyday Customers?

Understand the typical in-store experience in all of your company's locations by dispatching third-party, unbiased mystery shoppers to give you boots on the ground.  

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How Your Customers Experience Your Customer Experience

What is a typical in-store and online experience like for your business's customers? How do they experience traffic flows, wait times, customer service behaviors, and other factors that shape their overall in-store experience? Secret shopping market research programs will answer these questions across all industries, including:

But Customer Experience Management isn't just for companies who sell directly to customers. Manufacturers, for example, can utilize them to understand their customers' experience in different retail settings, as one consumer electronics manufacturer recently discovered.

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Validate Your Training Efforts with Mystery Shopping

Beyond giving you a typical day-in-the-life of your customer, mystery shopping is an invaluable way to validate the work your company has already done. Pair Customer Experience Management mystery shopping with:

  • Competitor Analysis to measure your service standard execution against your competitors
  • Retail Audits to determine how customers encounter your products in different retail environments

Your company has already put in the work. Now validate it with a customer experience mystery shop.

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How TrendSource Does Customer Experience Management

One of our earliest research solutions, TrendSource cut its teeth as a mystery shopping company. So we know what we're doing here, and our Field Agents do too. They are distributed across the United States and Canada, guaranteeing you 100% coverage and completion, and they have the experience to fluidly navigate your location without drawing attention. Our independent Quality Assurance Team will review their work to ensure the highest standards are met and that you can trust the data we provide.

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